my art practice synthesizes abstract expressionism, surrealism and african diaspora spiritual frameworks. i grew up in the dominican republic and the south bronx, and have lived in salvador, brazil. i practice ifa, a yoruba spiritual practice and system of divination. my diasporic understanding of the black experience strongly influences my understanding of myself, the world, and my creative practice. in my work, i depict moments of revelation, self-understanding, identity politics, and gender through the use of african diaspora symbology. the symbolism and imagery in my work stems from the natural environment and the spiritual, ancestral, and dream realms that make up my everyday life. 


my works are self-portraits in exterior settings. these sacred natural grounds are a place where i create homes for black bodies that are often treated as “foreign”, “alien”, or of lesser importance. i exalt the natural environment by showcasing its divinity and my spirit's relationship to the complex ecosystems surrounding me. i place myself outdoors in order to express introspection in open space, signaling at the necessity of freedom for true growth. imagery in my work reflects personal dreams, memories, and spiritual experiences that have acted as clues to my self-discovery. i include imagery depicting my ancestors in order to showcase the role they play in my understanding of purpose and legacy. my color palettes come from sacred color combinations in ifa. color is connected to different orisha (deities) as well as various energetic and natural forces. as such, color itself comes to life and enters conversation with other more personified elements. different strokes of color become characters of their own having conversation with anthropomorphic figures in my work. 


these sacred, spiritual environments reflected in my work are the grounds upon which i process and bring meaning to personal revelations, subconscious messages, and other spiritual information. in these energetic settings, the black spirit isn’t arrested. the black imagination and aesthetic thrive because these realms emit a frequency of freedom and healing. i aim to create works that showcase the wisdom and magic that nature and black minds, bodies, and spirits are home to. this wisdom is a tool for self-actualization and protection. it is a tool for survival.



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