I am an Afro-Dominican multimedia artist and community organizer from the South Bronx currently based in Los Angeles. I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2017, with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. My arts practice synthesizes Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and African Diaspora spiritual frameworks through painting and performance work. In my social practice, I serve as Co-Director for Honey and Smoke, a global artist community and platform focused on creating space for artists to meditate on the important themes of our time through themed seasons. Honey and Smoke explores these themes through new media and interactive digital content. It is a conceptual project that explores these themes through new media and interactive digital content.

In my painting and performance works, I depict moments of revelation, introspection and identity through the use of African Diaspora symbology. I exalt the natural environment by showcasing its divinity and my spirit's relationship to the complex ecosystems surrounding me. My multimedia process begins with studies on my iPhone’s markup feature. I stretch a canvas, photograph it and sketch the work on top of the photo using markup. Afterwards, I paint on the canvas following the digital study, switching from digital to analog and vice versa. The process of moving through the digital and analog worlds physically reflects my relationship to the spiritual, ancestral, and dream realms that make up my everyday life. 

As an Ifa practitioner, I am often inspired by the semiotic language of African traditional religions as well as Afro-Diasporic religious practices. My color palettes come from hues found in dreams, meditations and sacred color combinations in Ifa.I stray away from a technical painting approach and apply mark making techniques reminiscent of childhood brushstrokes and image making. I leave room for abstraction and fluidity of understanding different frames, shapes, and figures. It is important for me to create imagery that grounds the viewer in visually fluid, innocent and safe spaces that allows for a deep contemplation of the complex topics expressed in my work. Simultaneously, I underscore the power and potentiality that lies within a childlike point of view. 

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