In Yoruba tradition, Ossanyin is the Orisha of plants and herbs. He holds the secrets needed to activate the healing properties of plants. As an earth  sign, I wanted to create a new body of work that embodies this energy. I even listened to Stevie Wonder’s “Journey into the Secret Life of Plants” album while creating these works. In this new digital drawing, series I also lean into English idioms related to the garden and explore its imagery.


I chose to name all of the works in this series after such phrases in order to challenge our perception of what these phrases mean and to sweeten some of them up. The garden to me is a great place to explore that as there is an abundance of possibilities. We reap what we sow. As people who navigate the world through the Black experience, we often notice the ways meaning and value is projected onto our bodies, wether good or bad. However, us activating our spirits and attempting freedom in our everyday actions can challenge the gaze and meaning exerted on us.