💜🤗💚  Happy to announce that I am excited to participate in UUU GALLERY’s group exhibition, “Post It Notes.” The exhibit will open Friday, October 8 2021 at 8 pm in Rochester, NY 🤩  Post it Notes is an exhibition of sharing and transporting universal ideas and concepts through art into the experience of the viewer.  Each artist in Post It Notes has their own voice and ways of conveying the narratives most true to them. Narratives for an artist become passageways that the viewer can choose to meander down, wormholes out of our limited 3-dimensional existence. These are moments we hope you capture and “post.”


Featuring works by Martin Hawk, Alicia Brown, Auudi Dorsey, Eilen Itzel Mena, Dylan Rose Rheingold, Elmer Guevara; with music by Curtis Lovell and Temumusic


Artwork design: Ryn Adkins


For more information about the exhibition, artists involved, UUU, or available works please contact: 💜🤗💚