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👀🌍💖✨ Egbe Aye (Community) - 2022 - Acrylic & Oil Sticks on Canvas - 48in x 48in ✨💖🌎👀


This painting highlights a spiritual element that has aided my consideration of the world, the self and interpersonal relationships. In the Ifa tradition Egbe are your spirit family. They are present both in the spirit realm (as guides) and in the human realm as your community and souls that came here with you with a similar purpose. If you need another analogy, think of the Jerry’s from the Disney movie SOUL.

It is through this supportive force that I understand the world to be abundant, vast, necessary and worthy of protection. I understand myself to be intuitive, strong, creative, sweet and generous. I understand all of us to be powerful, capable of transformation and activating

our personal and community purpose.