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Since childhood I’ve leaned into my affinity for visual communication through trying to make meaning of vivid dreams and art making. Seeing and knowing through dreaming led me to a curiosity regarding signs and symbols. Art making gave me agency to build my own pictorial language. This combination helped me to arrive at my creative practice.


My visual language manifests through a lexicon of repeating shapes, symbols, figures, inversions and forms. These elements all serve their own meaning and purpose and are connected to my personal story, liminal spaces, spirit and inter relational dynamics. I have been creating a pictorial alphabet.


Rainbows, hearts, flowers, clouds, and other symbols are omnipresent in my work. All are symbols that are recognized and have assigned meaning across various cultures while also having personal meaning. Appropriating them and assigning expanded understanding to them is crucial to my language building and visual storytelling. It is my visual form of writing.


Through semi-representational and abstract images, I portray the context, the meaning of the symbols in my work and their emotional range/capacity. Highlighting adult concepts with a childlike vibe and aesthetic allows me to access joy while reimagining and challenging representations of trauma and emotional space.


My work allows for the re-envisioning of reality and expansion of what is communicated in the ways we deal with ourselves, others, the earth and the universe. Through my work I visualize real and imaginative spaces. By mixing in remnants of the figure within abstracted environments, I also convey a space in which the body and the spirit can communicate, find alignment and reconnect.

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